Douglas Spencer (dougs) wrote in hitchhiker100,
Douglas Spencer

Mr Prosser / Bulldozer

It's been a long time since anyone posted here.

I don't own Mr Prosser, and I don't own the Bulldozer. The character of Mr Prosser was created by Douglas Adams for satirical purposes, in order to pass subtle comment about mindless bureaucracy. The Bulldozer was created to knock down stuff in order to build bypasses.

I was inspired by a sentence on this community's info page which said "Some people aren't in the mood to be scared out of their sex drive by seeing graphic Mr. Prosser/bulldozer fic where they can't avoid it, so be polite and for the love of Christ on a cracker with icing and sprinkles, use a cut tag".

She's big. She's yellow. And she'll do anything for a man with a clipboard.

She waited. One of those creatures, one of the ones without a clipboard, was in the mud in front of her.
Her Lord, his magnificently firm Holy Clipboard thrusting forward proudly in his hand, was addressing the miserable thing at her scoop.
"It's a bypass; you've got to build bypasses."
So noble a creed! So simply stated! The Clipboarded One placed his right hand on the arm of the scoop and she felt the diesel rising hotly in her fuel pump.
"Do you know how much damage this bulldozer would suffer if I just let it roll straight over you?"

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