Demus (nicodeimus) wrote in hitchhiker100,

Let's poke the new girl!

Title: Modelling
Words: 101 (sorry)
Rating: PG
Challenge: None (oops)
Disclaimer: Not mine
Warning: SLASH

“Well?” said Ford, bouncing on his feet like an eager five-year-old. “What do you think?”

Arthur looked askance at him then examined the bizarre thing. “It’s very…original,” he decided, at last. “The modelling technique is certainly unorthodox. I don’t think anyone’s attempted to sculpt with jam before.”

Ford grinned and patted his creation proudly. “I call it ‘My Favourite Dream’.”

Arthur felt a faint blush start to glow in his cheeks as the shapes within the model made themselves more clear under his scrutiny. “Is that…”

The obscene grin widened. “Allow me to demonstrate,” Ford said, before leaping on the Earthman.
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