Anne (cassiejo) wrote in hitchhiker100,

Title: Regret
Rating: PG
Pairing: Trillan/Arthur (semi-romantic)
Version: Book (possible spoilers for Mostly Harmless)
Challenge: The 'Towel' challenge at hitchhiker100
Disclaimer: Not mine. *eyes Rockwell as Zaphod* A gal can dream.
Notes: Trillian thinks about her child's father. Just sort of random, no pun intended.

She wished she could explain how she'd used her job to find him. It was a compromise; using the DNA bank was so expensive, yet he would be a good father. It was so simple to go back, to change her hair and clothes and pretend to be an alien with a striking resembence to herself. Those three nights on the far-off planet were amazing, and he tenderly offered to bring her aboard the ship for good. She walked away.
Now, Tricia McMillan lay in bed, feeling their baby move and clutching the stolen towel that still held Arthur's scent.
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